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Shamsul ‘Ulama

A brother reciting poetry recalling the life of Qutub al-Aqtab Hazrat Sahib Qiblah Fultali (rahmatulLahi ‘alaihi).

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Shamshud Duha Assalam

Moulana Ruhul Amin Khan Sahib reciting darud and salawat upon the Beloved Nabi-e-Karim (sallALlahu ‘alaihi wa sallam) at Anwarul Islam Madrasa in Luton during June 2008.

shamshud duha assalam
badrud duja assalam
nurul huda assalam, assalam

tumar duruud pore ALla tala
firishta kulgahe sallu ‘ala
niki shirishti tobe pak kodom-e
lobo duruud-o-salam

shamshud duha assalam
badrud duja assalam
nurul huda assalam, assalam

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Khatm-e-Khawajigan Sharif

A short clip showing a part of the Khatm-e-Khawajagan Sharif during the Isal-e Thawab of Shaykh-ul-Islam Fultali Sahib Qiblah (rahmatulLahi ‘alaihi) recited by Al-Muhaddith Maulana Nazrul Islam.

Posted by: Ahl-e Muhabba | March 22, 2008

“Hayati khayrul lakum”

A talk by Hazrat Mufti Giyash ud-Din Sahib-zadah Fultali on remembrance of death in abundance and performing ziyarah, which leads to a softening of the heart (qalb).

The Ambiyah (‘alaihihus salam) have all died, yet they are all alive in barzakh.

Shafi’il Muznibin Sayyiduna RasulALlah (sallALlahu ‘alaihi wa sallam) has said:

Hayati khayrul lakum tuh-dithuna wa yuh-dathu lakum wa-wafati khayrul lakum tu’radu a’malukum ‘alayya fama ra’aytu min khayrin hamidtu ALlaha wa-ma ra’aytu min sharrin istaghfartu ALlaha lakum.

“My life is better for you, if you bring up new matters then new matters will be brought to you. My death is also better for you, for your actions are shown to me, and if I see goodness in them I will praise ALlah and if I see evil in them I will ask for His forgiveness for you”.

Posted by: Ahl-e Muhabba | March 21, 2008

Qualities of Nabuwwah

Al-Muhaddith Maulana Nazrul Islam gives a short talk on the true nature of our Master Rahmatullil ‘Aalamin (sallALlahu ‘alaihi wa sallam).

Posted by: Ahl-e Muhabba | March 13, 2008

Definition of ‘Qiblah’

Maulana Shafiq-ur-Rahman gives a summary of Shaykh-ul-Islam Sahib Qiblah’s karamah and explains why we call him Qiblah, this is an awesome rebuttal of an antagonist who took issue firstly with saying Qiblah, then with ta’wiz then with eating the food of the Awliyah! Someone was clutching at straws but didn’t reckon on the sharp wit of the Maulana!

ALlahu Akbar!

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Isal-e Thawab Dalil

In this short clip Maulana Shihab ud-Din gives dalil through the noble Qur’an al-Karim about the legality of sending rewards to the deceased.

Posted by: Ahl-e Muhabba | March 7, 2008

Nature of Waliyah

A talk on Isal-e Thawab and the Awliyah and the karamah of the Mujaddid and Wali of ALlah: Shah ‘Abdu’l Latif al-Fultali (rahmatulLahi ‘alaihi) by a Pakistani Shaykh Hazrat Ijaz Ahmed Darawi.

Posted by: Ahl-e Muhabba | March 6, 2008

Sahib Qiblah Fultali (rahimahuLlah)


This photo of al-Qutb Hazrat Allamah Fultali Sahib Qiblah (rahmatulLahi ‘alaihi) was taken on Sunday 27th November 2005 at the opening ceremony of Darul Hadis Latifiah.

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Mujaddid-i-Zaman Qutubul-Aqtab Shamsul ‘Ulama Shah Sufi Hazrat Maulana Muhammad ‘Abdu’l Latif Sahib Qiblah Fultali (rahmatulLahi ‘alaihi) left this mortal abode on the 15th of January 2008 at 8:00pm (GMT) and went on high to meet his Lord.

Inna lillahi wa inna ilaihi rajiun {To Him we belong and to Him is our return}.

May ALlah Azza wa Jal grant Sahib Qiblah Jannatul Firdaus and make our meeting with him and our Master Rahmatullil ‘Aalamin (sallALlahu ‘alaihi wa sallam) easy.

Amin wa thumma amin Ya Rabbal ’Aalamin.






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