Al-Nasiha Al-Latifiyyah

Allamah Fultali Sahib Qiblah [rahimahulLah], at the end of his bayan, would give the following nasiha [advice] to his murids [disciples]:

“Heed my word carefully. Along with nafal ‘ibadah [supererogatory worship], be of assistance to people. Be exemplary in your behaviour towards your fellow human beings. This will result in success in this life and the life to come. Good behaviour towards fellow human beings is loved by ALlah Ta’ala. Be respectful towards your elders and merciful towards the ones who are younger then you. This was the way of the Holy Prophet [salla’Llahu ‘alayhi wa sallam].

When you see prosperity in others, show happiness. For whosoever shows happiness when they see success in others, ALlah Ta’ala will reward them with success and strengthen their iman [faith]. Someone who, upon seeing success in others, feels discontent, ALlah Ta’ala will lower his status and humiliate him. Do not harbour ill thoughts towards your fellow human beings. Instead see others in positive light, otherwise enviousness of other people’s success will nullify the extent of your own ‘ibadah [worship].

Perform the five daily salah [prayer] diligently. There is only one act that will result in success, both in this life and the life to come: that is the act of salah. Whoever prays salah with utmost attention, he will find tranquillity and peace in his life. Perform ruku [bowing] and sajdah [prostration] with utmost humility. When we perform ruku and sajdah, we bow down our head and place it on the ground. Whoever does this, seeking only the pleasure of ALlah Ta’ala, he will not be disgraced in this life and will be granted a lofty status here and in the hereafter.

With every breath you take, make it a habit to synchronise it with the shahadah. When you inhale, utter “la ilaha” [there is no god], and when you exhale, say “illaLlah” [except ALlah]. Do this without moving your mouth or tongue. Keep in mind that with every breath you take, it is one less from that which has been prescribed for you. Dhikr [remembrance] of ALlah in this manner will bring you much benefit. Continuous practice in this manner will become a habit. If you remember ALlah Ta’ala once, He will also ‘remember’ you once. Know this: the sound of dhikr goes directly to the ‘Arsh [Throne] of ALlah Ta’ala.

After each salah, remain sitting and bring into your mind: “ALlah Ta’la is in ‘front’ of me and He is ‘watching’ me” and perform dhikr. When you go to sleep, do dhikr, this will be written in your book of deeds as if you have done dhikr all night long. Recite darud sharif [sending blessings upon the Noble Messenger salla’Llahu ‘alayhi wa sallam] everyday, a minimum of two hundred times and istighfar sharif [seeking forgiveness] one hundred times. If you can, then recite darud sharif even more.”


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