Posted by: Ahl-e Muhabba | March 22, 2008

“Hayati khayrul lakum”

A talk by Hazrat Mufti Giyash ud-Din Sahib-zadah Fultali on remembrance of death in abundance and performing ziyarah, which leads to a softening of the heart (qalb).

The Ambiyah (‘alaihihus salam) have all died, yet they are all alive in barzakh.

Shafi’il Muznibin Sayyiduna RasulALlah (sallALlahu ‘alaihi wa sallam) has said:

Hayati khayrul lakum tuh-dithuna wa yuh-dathu lakum wa-wafati khayrul lakum tu’radu a’malukum ‘alayya fama ra’aytu min khayrin hamidtu ALlaha wa-ma ra’aytu min sharrin istaghfartu ALlaha lakum.

“My life is better for you, if you bring up new matters then new matters will be brought to you. My death is also better for you, for your actions are shown to me, and if I see goodness in them I will praise ALlah and if I see evil in them I will ask for His forgiveness for you”.


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