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al-Mawlid as-Sharif with Allamah Fultali Sahib Qiblah

The noble Mawlid with Hazrat Sahib Qiblah performed at the Jamme Masjid, Brick Lane, London during April 2005.

ya nabi salamu `alaika

O Prophet, Peace be upon you,

ya rasul salamu `alaika

O Messenger, Peace be upon you,

ya habib salamu `alaika

O Beloved, Peace be upon you,

salawatulLahi `alaika

The Blessings of Allah be upon you.



  1. Assalamu Alaikum,

    Wanted to ask if Qibla Sahib Fultali did bayat with their father. If so then who is their father’s peer/murshid.

    Also, does Qibla Sahib fultali’s Silsila go through Sayyid Ahem Brel-wi? Just so that you don’t get mixed up. Sayyid Ahmed Brel-wi is a different person to Imam Ahmad Raza Khan Brelwi (Rahmuthulahi Ta’ala Alaih).

    Jazak Allah Khayr

  2. Wa’laikum Assalam Sidi

    Sahib Qiblah’s Murshid is Hazrat Mawlānā Abu Yusuf Shah Muhammad Ya’qub Sahib Qiblah Badarpuri Rahmatullahi ‘alaihi.

    Sahib Qiblah’s Silsila goes through numerous chains including through Sayyid Ahmad Berelwi Rahmatullahi ‘alaihi.

    I am aware the Berelwiyyah have contentious issues with regards to Sayyid Ahmad Berelwi and his Mashāyikh, but that is neither for me to comment on nor is it my concern, consequently Sahib Qiblah Fultali is neither a Berelwi nor a Deobandi.

    Hope that answers your question Sidi, Ramadan al-Mubarak.


  3. Assalamu Alaikum,

    Didnt’ Imam Ahle Sunnah Ahmad Raza Khan (Rahmathulahi Ta’ala Alai) say that Sayyid Ahmed Brel-wi deviated from the path of the Ahle Sunnah Wal Jama’ah?

    Also, almost all the current Ahle Sunnah Ulema that I have spoken to or heard have said the same thing as AlaHazrat (Rahmathulahi Ta’ala Alai).

    Jazak Allah Khayr

    Fi Amanillah

    • Where you found that Imam Ahmad Raza Khan berelwi(ra) said about Hazrat Sayyid Ahmad Berelwi(ra) as “diviant”…… there is nothing like that…..can u give me any proof !!!!!!!!!!!!

      Mohammed Kamrul Hassan

  4. Wa’laikum Assalam Sidi,

    May I ask why Maulana Rida Khan considered Sayyid Ahmed Berelwi a ‘deviant’? Although I must say I am not at all surprised to hear that.

    Searching ‘Berelvi’ sites one gets the impression the ‘Berelvis’ also consider that Shah Waliullah also deviated…Na’uzubilLah.

    As for current ‘Ahle Sunnah Ulema’ you speak about, by that term I presume you mean ‘Berelvis’? In that case they will of course undoubtedly agree with the founder of their school!

    In any event the onus is upon you to bring forth dalil to ‘prove’ your ‘claims’, merely saying I heard he say she say is nothing less then ghibah.

    Finally with all due respect let me remind myself (first and foremost) and you that those Mashāyikh have long gone to their Maker and we are not responsible for what they may or may not have said/did, nor will we be called to account on their behalf.

    Wonders never cease…the whole post is actually about the Mawlid of Huzoor-e-pak sallallahu ‘alaihi wa sallam and here I am ‘defending’ the supposed ‘deviancy’ of one of his descendents! SubhanALlah

  5. Assalamu Alaikum,

    I didn’t intend to offend you bro, I just wanted clarifications on the issue I have raised.

    “merely saying I heard he say she say is nothing less then ghibah.”

    Like almost all proper Sunni’s from the Sub-continent, I’ll take the word of Imam Ahmad Raza Khan (Rahmathulahi Ta’ala Alai) over any scholar on issues such as the one we are discussing now.

    Anyways, I think we should end it here, as the debate is spoiling the purpose of this thread.

    Ahle Sunnah Wal Jamma’ah, Zindabad

    May Allah Ta’ala guide you in your efforts for the deen.


  6. No offence was taken Sidi.

    You are entitled to follow who ever you wish, and I hope you will also respect my choice to follow whomever I wish.

    Like you I also have no intention to ‘discuss’, ‘debate’ or get into a futile ‘argument’ over something that is a non-issue.

    All the best Sidi.


  7. I know that Sidi Dr. Muhammad Tahir ul-Qadri respects both as-Sayyid Ahmad Shahid of Bareilly (rahmatullahi `alayh) as well as Imam al-Hind Mawlana as-Shah Imam Ahmad Rida Khan Barelawi (rahmatuLLahi `alaih). As for Imam Ahmad Rida (r) and Sayyid Ahmad Shahid (r), I don’t know if Imam Ahmad Rida consider Sayyid Ahmad deviant but I do know that he did refute Mawlana Isma`il Dehlawi, as did many `Ulama of Hind.

    But I must ask an important question: Does Saheb Qibla Fultali believe in Hadir wa Nadir? And does Saheb Qibla Fultali practice istigatha? Also, what is his EXACT position on the Deobandi-Barelwi issue?

    • Even if Mawlana Rida Sahib considered Sayyid Ahmed a ‘deviant,’ what difference would that make?

      Throughout history many ‘ulama have considered their rivals ‘deviants’, look at the examples of Al-Hallaj, Ibn ‘Arabi, Ibn Taimiyah, etc., all off these men at best have been charged with ‘deviancy’ and at worse have been declared ‘kaffirs’, so nothing has changed there then…

      And no, Allamah Sahib Qiblah Fultali (rahimahulLah) does not ‘believe’ in ‘Hadir wa Nadir’, in fact there is a video in youtube uploaded by a “berelwi” who wanted to ‘expose’ (!) the Allamah with the word ‘mischievous’ amongst the videos title! However we see no ‘mischievousness’ in what the Allamah is saying. Indeed we fully agree with it…unless this concept is an ‘aqidah issue?

      Shaykh Faraz Rabbani also seems to ‘disagree’ with this concept, see “The Prophet: Haazir Naazir & The Basics” and “The Presence of the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) (RE: hazir (present) and nazir (b” (sic).

      As for istigatha, i.e. “calling upon others”, we are now delving within the realms of complexities of the fuqaha and the suffiyyah.

      Understand this: the Allamah was a big time Sufi and like the past masters before him, he advised his murids to concentrate their efforts in drawing closer to ALlah, seek His aid, ask for His help etc., etc., which are all classical signs of the wayfarer and is the path of Tasawwuf.

      And finally if you are asking: has the Allamah declared, accepted and/or endorsed that the “deobandis” are ‘kaffirs’ then the simple answer is “NO”.

      In any event I am also neither a “berelwi” or a “deobandi”, nor do I concern myself with indo-pak sectarianism. Such polemics should be kept within the confines of the ‘desi’ mentality back ‘home’ and certainly should not be imported to the UK.

      Hope I am not ‘declared’ a Wahhabi for any of the above!

      • Are u sure that Fultali Peer Sahib do not believe “hadir nazir” of Habib Paak (sallu alihe wa alehe wa sallam) ????

      • To be honest with you sayyidi during the times I have spent with the Allamah (rahimahulLah) I have never heard him, or indeed any of the Sylheti ‘Ulama and Mashaiykh for that matter, talk about this concept. Re-read my post in response to the ‘hadir-nazir’ comment above.

  8. Mawlana Ism`ail Dehlawi was a Khalifa of Sayyid Ahmad Barelwi Shahid (rahmatuLLahi `alaih) but did not share the same pure Sunni beliefs as Sayyid Ahmad Shahid (r) did so they parted from each other.


    (speech of Sidi Dr. Muhammad Tahir ul-Qadri)

  9. note im not barelwi or deobandi but a maliki ash`ari sunni muslim who stays sukut on the deobandis.

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