Posted by: Ahl-e Muhabba | March 9, 2006

Time, Space & The REAL

Man has three stages in his life…
…A past
…A present
…And a future

Time does not stand still for him, and his limits are within the boundaries of space
So when he tries to describe The Real, he says ‘what was there before Him?’
Believing that since he is subject to time therefore ALlah too is a ‘subject’ of time
His fragile mind finds it hard to accept that time like him is a creation
Time like him ages and like him it will come to a stop
And only He will Be as He Was and continues to Be

Because of his limits he tries to define The Real with limitations and says ‘where’ is He?
‘Where’ does not apply to Him
He is not down ‘here’
Nor is He up ‘there’

Space like time was created so that man can fit into it and not for Him to ‘fit’ into
Like him space too will come to an end
Only He will Remain as He Was and continues to Be

Exalted is He…Limitless is He…Timeless is He…Ageless is He…Real is He…Elusions are we


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