Posted by: Ahl-e Muhabba | February 20, 2006

The Accuser & The Accused

Once the beloved Prophet of ALlah salla’llahu ‘alayhi wa sallam was seated among his noble companions radiya’llahu ‘anhum and they saw him smile so widely that his teeth were revealed.

Sayyiduna Umar radiya’llahu ‘anhu inquired : “why are you smiling, Ya RasulAllah, more precious are you to me then my father and mother.”

The noble Prophet salla’llahu ‘alayhi wa sallam responded :

Two believers will one day kneel before the Lord of Power, may He be exalted. The accuser will pray, “O my Lord! Grant me compensation for the harm this brother has inflicted upon me.”

ALlah subhanahu wa ta’ala will then address the accused : Offer compensation to your brother for the harm that you have caused him.

The accused will reply, “O Lord! I have not a single good deed left to offer him.”

“Then let him carry some of my burdens,” the accuser will pray.

The eyes of the beloved Prophet of ALlah salla’llahu ‘alayhi wa sallam filled with tears, and he interjected :

That will truly be a terrible day when human beings will need someone else to carry their burdens.

The Prophet of mercy salla’llahu ‘alayhi wa sallam continued :

ALlah subhanahu wa ta’ala will then address the accuser : Raise your eyes and gaze into the Gardens of Paradise.

The accuser will lift his head and exclaim, “O Lord! I see cities of silver and palaces of gold crowned with pearls. To which prophet or martyr do those beautiful abodes belong?”

ALlah subhanahu wa ta’ala will reply : They belong to the ones who pay Me the full price.

The accuser will ask, “O Lord! Who is able to do that?”

You are able to do that.

“How, O Lord?”

By forgiving your brother.

“O my Lord! I forgive him instantly.”

The All-Merciful Creator will continue : Now take the hand of your brother, and allow him to enter Paradise.

The merciful Prophet of The Glorious Creator salla’llahu ‘alayhi wa sallam then remarked :

Be in loving awe of ALlah Most High and make peace among yourselves, for ALlah Almighty will establish His Own Peace among you on the Day of Resurrection.

As narrated by the noble companion Anas ibn Malik radiya’llahu ‘anhu.

Adopted from Mishkat al-Anwar of Shaykh ul Akbar Muhiydeen ibn al-‘Arabi as translated by Nur al-Jerrahi in ‘101 diamonds’.


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