Posted by: Ahl-e Muhabba | January 2, 2006

Counsels of Amir ul Muminin Hadrat ‘Ali (KarramALlahu Wajhul Karim)

Associate with people in such a manner that they weep for you when you die and long for you if you are alive.

One who cautions you is as one who brings you good news.

Each breath one takes is a step toward one’s destiny.

Everything quantifiable runs out, everything anticipated is yet to come.

One who is moderate does not go wrong.

You have been shown, if you see;
and you have been guided, if you have found the way;
and you have been made to hear, if you listen.

People oppose what they are ignorant about.

Poverty is indeed a trial, but sickness is worse then poverty.
And worse then sickness of the body is sickness of the heart.
Wealth is indeed a blessing, but physical health is better then wealth.
And even better then physical health is soundness of heart.

Remember that enjoyments pass while consequences remain.

Sleep in a state of certainty is better then prayer in a state of doubt.

Asked about destiny, Hadrat ‘Ali said
“it is a dark path; do not enter it.
It is a deep sea; do not plunge into it.
It is a secret of God; do not burden yourself with it”.

In the Qur’an is report of the past, information on the future, and wisdom for the meanwhile.

Complacency hinders growth.



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